Spreading Wealth Around, Part III

Today’s snapshot of a big contributor to the Trailhead Group LLC and other two 527s we’ve been investigating is of the Coors family.

Family members and the Adolph Coors Company itself have sunk $271,300 into the the three 527s. This includes $250,000 to Trailhead, $10,300 to the Colorado Leadership Fund, and $11,000 to the Senate Majority Fund.Pete Coors, who lost a bid for the Senate in 2004, was one of the founding members of Trailhead.
Coors told the Rocky Mountain News that he helped found Trailhead to counter the efforts of Democrats, who had poured large sums of money into 527s in the 2004 elections.

“I don’t particularly care for the system, but that’s the system we have,” he said.

For a non-believer, he is contributing big bucks: he also gave $50,000 to the Republican Governors Association, the 527, which in turn sank $500,000 into the Trailhead Group.

Other contributors from the family included Holly, is Pete Coors’ mother, and Joe Coors Jr., his brother. The Coors family is also contributing at the state level. In 2006, Pete Coors has contributed $15,000 to the Colorado Republican Committee and PAC.

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