Spreading Wealth Around, Part VI

Today’s snapshot of big donors to Trailhead Group LLC, the Senate Majority Fund, and the Colorado Leadership Fund, all 527s under investigation by Colorado Confidential, focuses on Copic Insurance. The company has given a total of $81,750 to these groups, $57,500 to the Senate Majority Fund and $24,250 to the Colorado Leadership Fund.

Copic is in the business of supplying liability insurance for Colorado physicians and facilities. As a result, it’s in the center of the maelstorm when politicians debate the issue of the cost of medical malpractice insurance.
Most recently, Copic Insurance unsuccessfully opposed a bill  requiring insurance providers to disclose details about their rates, claims, payouts, and administrative expenses. Gov. Bill Owens signed the bill into law in June 2006.

Copic is likely trying to get in a better bargaining position for the new legislature. The company is known to hedge its bets, giving to Democrats as well as Republicans. Its contributions to 527s include $2,000 to the Democratic Moving Colorado Forward.