Beauprez Allows Bush Out in Public

It wasn’t long ago that being chummy with President Bush was a boon for Republican candidates. When the president came to town to raise money for GOP hopefuls, he was also counted on to rally support among voters. Now, it’s more likely he’ll be quietly brought in solely to speak to donors, forgoing a public appearance with the candidate.

From an Associated Press report released yesterday:

“Unlike his barnstorming leading up to the 2002 congressional elections, when he was more popular and the divisive Iraq war had not begun, Bush has yet to hold a single traditional campaign-style rally for one of his party’s hopefuls this election cycle.

Every one of his events for GOP gubernatorial, House and Senate candidates has been to raise money from faithful Republican donors – not to urge support among the broader voting public.”

According to the AP, nearly 60% of campaign events headlined by Bush since his approval ratings freefall in May have been private, meaning invitation-only and no media. Before May, only 34% were private. But while many Republicans are choosing to keep their ties with Bush off the radar, Bob Beauprez will be taking his chances. When the president comes to Colorado to stump for the gubernatorial candidate Oct. 4, news media will be invited. The luncheon will also be open to the general public