Spreading Wealth Around, Part VII

Next up for a snapshot of generous donors to Trailhead Group LLC, the Senate Majority Fund, and the Colorado Leadership Fund, 527s under investigation by Colorado Confidential, is Haselden Construction LLC. The company has given $100,000 to Trailhead. Based in Centennial, Haselden Construction provides general contracting services for large construction projects and projects revenues of $250 million in 2006. Most recently, the company finished work on a new county building for Jefferson County and broke ground on a $75 million project for a new office building and parking lot for the University of Colorado Hospital.

In 2005, Gov. Owens appointed Ed J. Haselden to the Board of Governors for Colorado State University.  Haselden and his wife, Jenny, each gave $1,000 in 2000 to Owens for his campaign for governor.

Haselden’s contributions to federal candidates include $4,200 to Rick O’Donnell’s campaign for Congress-the maximum permitted; his wife Jenni contributed the same amount, according to a search of FEC records at the Center for Responsive Politics Family members also contributed to Pete Coors’ failed bid for the U.S. Senate in 2004.