Perlmutter Pulls Ahead By 17 Points

The notion of a neck-and-neck race in CD-7 is out the window. The latest SurveyUSA/9News poll puts Democrat Ed Permutter up 17 points (54% to 37%) over Republican Rick O’Donnell. The district is considered to be almost evenly split among registered Republicans, Democrats and independents, and a poll last month had the two candidates tied. Now, Perlmutter holds a whopping 25-point lead among idependent voters.

If the big races are a shoe-in for Dems, will Republicans in CD-7 just stay home? As ColoradoPols reports, there are at least three state legislative seats in the area that could go to Dems if would-be Beauprez and O’Donnell supporters don’t show up at the polls.