Colorado Could ‘Budge’ the West in ’08

Democratic eyes are on Colorado as the state emerges as the likely center of a battle for the West in ’08, says a Los Angeles Times story today. The success of recent and current Democratic campaigns here has given rise to talk of turning four Western states – Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada – from red to blue in the next presidential election.

From the article, “As Democrats Look West, Colorado Budges”:

“The colors are changing this autumn in Colorado — from solid Republican red to something approaching a strong tint of Democratic blue.

A GOP stronghold from the mid-1990s through President Bush’s first term, Colorado has emerged as one of the Democrats’ principal prospects for gains in the 2006 election. Polls show Democrats holding an edge in most of the state’s key contests, including an open House seat and the battle between Democrat Bill Ritter and Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez for the governorship.

‘Anything is possible, but if we were having this election today, the Democrats would be in control of Colorado, from the governorship to a majority of the congressional seats to both houses of the state Legislature,’ said Floyd Ciruli, a Denver-based independent pollster.

If Democrats can maintain their advantages here, the results could not only tilt the local balance of power but reshape the national battlefield for the 2008 presidential campaign.”