Mr. Broncos

The Broncos may have claimed victory over the Patriots Sunday, but Rick O’Donnell is claiming victory among their fans. After a recent Survey USA/9News poll showed Democrat Ed Perlmutter up 17 points in the race, the GOP candidate released a statement that seems to imply his supporters were too busy watching the Broncos game to respond.

“We could spend all our time trying to tell you that the poll is flawed. It was, after all taken during the Bronco’s (sic) game when a lot of voters didn’t have time to respond, it is done by robo calls that get a low response rate and doesn’t target likely voters, etc. But that’s not really the point.”

O’Donnell’s correct in saying the poll used the common practice of “robo calls” (Survey USA prefers to call them “professional voices”). But, both the polling service and 9 News claim it targeted likely voters. And, the poll was conducted not just on Sunday, but also last Thursday and Monday.