Greener Pastures in SD7

The Democratic candidate for Senate District 7, Dana Barker, was relieved to hear that his Green Party opponent decided to withdraw his candidacy. Eric Rechel swung his support to Barker after Barker garnered the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel’s endorsement. “That just leaves me and Josh Penry,” Barker noted.With Republican registration double that of Democrats and Unaffilated a strong second in the number of registered voters in SD 7, Barker has admitted he’s been tagged the “Dark Horse” candidate. “But, with the Green Party candidate out of the race,” Barker said, “maybe I’ll be considered a spotted pony now.”

Senate District 7 registration: 40,190 Republicans; 28,853 Unaffiliated; 20,227 Democrats; 91 Green Party. The district covers Mesa County and a couple of precincts in Garfield County.

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