Paccione-Musgrave Tied In CO-4 Poll

The race for the 4th Congressional District remains tight according to a Strategic Services poll released by James Thompson of the Paccione campaign on Friday:

Marilyn Musgrave (R)  42%
Angie Paccione (D) 42%
Eric Eidsness (Reform)  5%

Bill Ritter, the Democratic candidate for Governor also leads 46-41 over Bob Beauprez in the historically conservative 4th Congressional District.  The telephone poll of 400 likely voters in the 4th Congressional District took place September 24-26, 2006.  Margin of Error: +/- 4.9%.

Survey USA/KUSA polls released on September 21st and August 16th each showed the race within the margin of error:

Marilyn Musgrave (R) 46 (46)
Angie Paccione (D) 42 (42)
Eric Eidsness (Reform) 8 (8)
Undecided 5 (4)

The new poll shows Paccione with the same level of support shown in the Survey USA/KUSA poll, but Musgrave and Eidsness with weaker support than in the Survey USA polls.  Survey USA polls often have a lower undecided proportion than other telephone polls.

The poll results show Paccione doing better than recent partisan elections in the 4th Congressional District.  The results in the 4th Congressional District in the 2004 Presidential, and 2004 and 2002 Congressional races were as follows:

2000 District Results (presidential):
George Bush: 57%
Al Gore: 36%
Other: 6%

2004 District Results (congressional)
Marilyn Musgrave (R): 51.0%
Stan Matsunaka (D): 44.8%

2002 District Results (congressional)
Marilyn Musgrave (R): 55%
Stan Matsunaka (D): 42%

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