Is Scott McInnis on His 2008 Campaign Trail?

In the small town of Mesa, located east of Grand Junction in the forested area of Grand Mesa, the biggest event of the year is during the height of fall colors. The “Leaf Peepers” come from all over the state to view the golden Aspens and the residents of this hamlet host these guests at a yearly fundraising luncheon at the local community center.

It’s not a fancy affair. Maybe there are a hundred or so folks enjoying the BBQ. But, who should walk in to this casual setting? Former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis.In 2004, McInnis retired from Congress to lead a more lucrative lawyer-lobbyist life. So one would think that his visit to Mesa was no different than the other visitors-enjoy the fall colors and lunch. Maybe in McInnis’s case, he will never be able to leave “the politician” out of his life because for about an hour, he “worked the room,” according to an observer.

“Sure, McInnis is known and has a real knack for remembering faces and names,” said the visitor, “so one would expect him to wave and talk to some people. However, it was quite obvious that he was there to ‘press the flesh’ starting from one end of the dining room to the other,” she commented.

McInnis did not wear anyone’s campaign button nor did he speak about other Republican candidates, the observer noted. “It was all about him,” she said, adding “I got the distinct impression he was there as a candidate.”