Perlmutter Up By 11 In Zogby Phone Poll

Zogby Interactive, the pollster’s internet polling service, is flawed.  Zogby’s telephone polling is as good as anyone’s. 

The latest Zogby telephone poll in Colorado closely watched open 7th Congressional District race shows Democrat Ed Perlmutter leading Rick O’Donnell by 11 percentage points:

O’Donnell (R) 34
Perlmutter (D) 45The new Zogby telephone poll was taken 9/25-10/2, with a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points. 

A Survey USA/KUSA poll released a week ago, showed Perlmutter with a 17 percentage point lead.

This could indicate a tightening race, but because the polls were taken by different firms, the results are not precisely comparable.

At any rate, an eleven point lag is not a good place for O’Donnell to be a little more than a month before the election and just a few days before absentee ballots go out to 7th Congressional District voters.

Simply on the basis of partisan inclinations in this District, it should be a close race.  The district was designed to have an equal number of Democratic, Republican and unaffiliated voters, and the last time it was an open seat, in 2002, Republican Bob Beauprez won by less than 200 votes.  But, the current Zogby phone poll and the previous Survey USA poll show that this race doesn’t promise to be nearly as close as expected.