Perlmutter Nabs Endorsements From GOP Ex-Legislators

Three former Republican state Senators endorsed Democrat Ed Perlmutter yesterday, saying he is a “straight shooter who speaks his mind and is never afraid of a fight.” In a letter signed “Republicans for Perlmuter,” Al Meiklejohn, Dave Wattenberg and Dottie Wham expressed support for their former Senate colleague.

Here is the complete letter:

Dear Fellow Republican:

We think you will agree that loyalty and participation in shaping the ideals and values of a political party are important components of good citizenship in our democratic form of government.  As Republicans we continue to believe in the broad principles that have shaped our party, including respect for individuality, support for the power of free markets, religious tolerance, fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, limited government and above all, preservation of individual liberty.

In the upcoming election for Congress, we believe that party affiliation alone is not a true measure of support for the principles and values that have built the Republican Party.  Citizenship is a higher calling, and in the choice for Congress in Colorado’s 7th District, we believe the better choice to represent our community is to elect Ed Perlmutter.

Many of us have known Ed as a neighbor, as a business leader, as a community activist and as a state senator representing a district in Jefferson County. Ed was the first Democrat to represent a predominantly Republican state senate district for eight years.  In that time, we came to know Ed as a thoughtful, honest and moderate legislator who built a record of accomplishment in promoting smart growth, economic development, renewable energy and stronger schools.  He has never struck us as a partisan ideologue, and in fact, Ed was always active in reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans in order to accomplish things for our Community.

Ed Perlmutter is also a straight shooter who speaks his mind and is never afraid of a fight.  Whether you agree with him on an issue or not, we know that Ed Perlmutter is not one to shade the truth or hide his views.  That kind of no-nonsense leadership is precisely what we need in Congress, and we wish more elected officials from both parties would take this to heart.

Our country is facing enormous challenges at home and abroad.  We need representation in Congress by people who are as good at listening as they are at talking policy.  We need leaders who have real life experience and who are committed to a broad and bipartisan agenda that includes fiscal responsibility, high ethical standards, and respect for the constitution.

We served in the State Senate with Ed Perlmutter, and we believe that when you get to know him you will understand why we are so enthusiastic about electing him to Congress.

Please join us and other Colorado Republicans in supporting Ed Perlmutter for Congress.  We are asking for your name, your money and your vote.  Enclosed is a reply envelope for your convenience.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hon. Al Meiklejohn  Hon. Dave Wattenberg  Hon. Dottie Wham