National GOP Not Targeting Colorado Governor’s Race

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez has been trailing Democrat Bill Ritter in the polls for months now, with the current margin somewhere between 15 and 17 points. Beauprez’s campaign is so far behind that they have apparently now been written off by the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

The RGA sent out an e-mail to supporters today outlining six states where they are fighting to win the governor’s seat: Iowa, Maine, Oregon, Illinois, Arkansas and Michigan. The list obviously isn’t made with traditional thoughts in mind, since several of those states are solidly blue, so there’s no reason Colorado wouldn’t be a natural fit…unless Beauprez’s candidacy is too far gone already.

Click below to read the RGA email sent out today…

Dear RGA Friend:

There are just thirty days to go until one of the most important and challenging election days we have ever faced, and several races for governor are going down to the wire. We thank you for all the support you’ve given the RGA and Republican Governors this year, but now more than ever we need YOUR help going into Election Day on November 7th.

The upcoming midterm elections are critical, and some of our targeted Governors races may end up being the bright spot for Republicans in 2006.

Because this election is so crucial, the RGA will be working with state Republican parties to deploy volunteers to six states to help campaign for Republican state and local candidates. Please note that although our sister national committees have fantastic deployment programs, they will not be to focusing on these states that the RGA is targeting. The lesson of the 2002 and 2004 Republican victories is that volunteer efforts the weekend prior to election day will make the difference between winning and losing close elections. We hope you will go to [… ] by October 16 to sign-up and volunteer to be deployed for this critical final four to six days. We will be sending people out to join the pre-election volunteer push on Thursday, Nov. 3rd and Friday, Nov. 4th. Flight, lodging, and a per diem will be provided.

[ ‘… ]

The RGA will be deploying individuals to volunteer for state party efforts in the following six states. All of them are states where a strong Republican ’72 Hour’ get-out-the-vote effort can make the difference between winning and losing:

Iowa: Iowa has had a Democratic governor for the last eight years, but it now represents our best chance to pick up a seat this election cycle.
Republican Congressman Jim Nussle is in a dead-heat in this only open Democratic seat against liberal Secretary of State Chet Culver. Your help is needed in Iowa!

Maine: State Senator Chandler Woodcock is within striking distance of ineffective Democratic Governor Baldacci who has led Maine’s economy into a virtual tailspin with nearly 0% job growth the past two years. The polls are within the margin of error, and the race will go down to the wire. Your help is needed in Maine!

Oregon: Republican Ron Saxton has managed to climb from a 14% point deficit to gaining a slight advantage over tax-and-spend Democratic Governor Kulongoski. Saxton now represents a great chance for GOP to pick-up a governorship in 2006. Because of its vote-by-mail program, a longer time commitment would be welcome in Oregon. Your help is needed in Oregon!

Illinois: Yes, Illinois! Scandal ridden Democratic Governor Blagojevich is surrounded by corruption, and Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka has begun to close quickly in the polls. She has positioned herself well to win in this
traditionally blue state in the final days. Your help is needed in Illinois!

Arkansas: Republican Asa Hutchinson is locked in a fierce battle with liberal Democratic Attorney General Mike Beebe. This is a critical GOP open
seat that has the candidates even in the polls and in fundraising. Your help is needed in Arkansas!

Michigan: Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm has overseen one of the worst economies in the nation, and businessman Dick DeVos has articulated a plan to turn Michigan around. The polls here have oscillated for months making this race a true dead heat. Your help is needed in Michigan!

Once again, I would like to thank you for all of your help and support. Please sign-up before October 16 to volunteer for deployment at [ ‘… ] !

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