“Zip the Lips”

Candidates are inundated with position questionnaires from media and political action groups. The Rocky Mountain News candidate survey was among the list. Their questions to statewide candidates included stances on abortion, wiretaps and Iraq.Republican candidates for Secretary of State, Mike Coffman and State Treasurer, Mark Hillman declined to answer many of the questions, except for a few that they felt pertained to their individual offices.

Conversely, both Democrats Ken Gordon for Secretary of State and Cary Kennedy for State Treasurer, commented on every question.

“Every time I answered a “hot button” question like abortion,” Gordon noted, “I knew I was making someone mad. It was ammo that possibly my opponent could use, too.”

Not responding to questions didn’t hurt Coffman with the RMN editorial department either. They endorsed him last week.

Perhaps the advice for Democrats in 2008 is: less may be better.

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