Spuds Scrub Grub

    If you want to become a millionaire, maybe growing potatoes isn’t the most lucrative occupation. Investing in Denver’s soft real estate market may not be a quick-rich scheme either.

    Senator Ken Salazar and older brother, Congressman John Salazar are vying for a unique position in Washington DC: who has got less. Opensecrets.org listed the net worth of congressmen, senators and the executive branch from 2005 records. Grouping the three institutions together, the brothers came up #555 (John) and #556 (Ken) from the bottom out of 559 entries.

    According to statistics compiled by opensecrets.org from personal financial disclosures, Sen. Salazar’s net worth is between $378,000 to $717,000 and Rep Salazar is $313,000 and $720,000…in the red.

    Land rich, cash poor. For the Salazars and like many farmers or Denver area real estate investors these days, life could be easier.