UPDATED: Salazar Earns An “A” With the NRA

Updated: Congressman John Salazar D-Manassa, garnered the National Rifle Association endorsement based on his strong support on Second Amendment issues, according to a NRA spokesperson.NRA-PVF Chairman, Chris W. Cox stated, “Growing up on a ranch in rural San Luis Valley, John Salazar learned to shoot and hunt and importantly, he learned to respect the Second Amendment. He appreciates his gun rights and knows the importance of those rights for law-abiding gun owners in Colorado.”

When grading candidates for endorsement or monetary support, the NRA Political Victory Fund looks at candidates’ voting records, answers to candidate questionnaires, statements made to the press and incumbency. Cox noted the NRA does not consider party affiliation, religion or race when making an endorsement.

Salazar is one of 60 Democratic congressmen supported by the NRA. So far, only two other Democratic candidates in Colorado have been formally endorsed by the NRA: Democratic incumbent for House District 55 in Mesa County, Bernie Buescher and Lois Tochtrop in District 24. Rep. Buffie McFadden in HD 47 has an “A” rating, but has not been endorsed to date; unchallenged Rep. Kathleen Curry in District 61 has an A- NRA grade.