Denver Post Endorses Perlmutter

The Denver Post endorsed Democrat Ed Perlmutter Sunday in the race for the 7th Congressional District. The editorial called Perlmutter a “moderate Democrat with long roots in the district and a proven record as a lawmaker. We believe his accomplishments in the state legislature and his commitment to represent a diverse constituency make Perlmutter the best candidate.”
The Post noted the district, which is evenly split among registered Democrats, Republicans and independents, needs a centrist candidate. GOP candidate Rick O’Donnell, the newspaper stated, is too far to the right for CD-7. Perlmutter was named as the best candidate on immigration, the national debt, Iraq and alternative energy.

Perlmutter is in touch with the mainstream values of his district, and he will succeed if he carves out an independent path in Washington, beholden to the people of the 7th Congressional District, not his party or its leadership.

With only seven representatives to Congress, Colorado needs effective leaders who can make their voices heard while also working with both parties to effect positive change for the nation and our state.

We urge voters to give Perlmutter that chance.

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