Math is Hard for Trailhead

Hopefully, the third time is the charm for the embattled Trailhead Group, LLC.

The influential Republican political fundraising committee still can’t seem to file an accurate July 2006 report to the IRS. Trailhead submitted an amended report on Friday afternoon. And, then a new “do-over” report less than three hours later.

Trailhead was founded by Gov. Bill Owens, former US Senate candidate Pete Coors, and former Colorado GOP chairman Bruce Benson – all smart fellows who presumably understand the unviolable rule of 2+2=4.The original report filed on July 25 “forgot” to list a $15,073 contribution it had received four days prior from the Senate Majority Fund. That’s the same group, along with Trailhead, the Colorado Leadership Fund, and Colorado Good Government Initiative which Colorado Confidential discovered had failed to reconcile its contributions to and from one another last spring. 

All four groups are currently under investigation by the IRS and Secretary of State for their mathematical sleight of hand.

The amended reports also offer their own curious set of math rules.

The original report and the amended report filed at 2:43 pm on October 14 claim that Trailhead paid Strategic Market & Technology Consultants $1,995 for computers/networks.

Click the image to view the entire amended report.

Less than three hours later, that figure changed.

On the second amended report filed at 5:30pm, Trailhead stated that it paid the firm $665 for the same service.

Click the image to view the entire amended report.

The original report as well as the first amended report completely missed the $1,350 expenditure into Trailhead director Alan Philp’s retirement plan which was recorded in the last filing. Oops! He certainly wouldn’t want to have to rely on the remnants of Social Security after his buddy CD-7 congressional candidate Rick O’Donnell gets through with privatizing it. Poor Mr. Philp forced to dine on Little Friskies

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