Record-Breaking Dollars in CD-7

More money has been poured into the battle for CD-7 than into any other race for an open congressional seat in Colorado history. So far, the O’Donnell and Perlmutter campaigns have raised a combined $4.5 million, shattering the previous record of $2.9 million. The old record was set in the 2002 CD-7 race between Bob Beauprez and Mike Feeley. During the latest reporting period, Dem Ed Perlmutter raised slightly over $1 million. GOP opponent Rick O’Donnell brought in less – $663,690. The candidates are on par for the dollars they’ve raised overall, but O’Donnell has twice as much cash on hand, partly because Perlmutter was saddled with a tough primary fight. From the Rocky Mountain News:

Democrat Ed Perlmutter has raised money at almost twice the pace of Republican rival Rick O’Donnell since late July in a race setting new records for dollars poured into winning an open congressional seat in Colorado.

However, O’Donnell still has twice the cash on hand, giving him an advantage in the crucial final weeks of the campaign for suburban Denver’s politically divided 7th Congressional District.

Look for a flood of O’Donnell ads between now and Nov. 7.

“I decided to go with the Cadillac media plan,” O’Donnell campaign manager KC Jones said of the $775,000 her candidate still has in the bank. “We started with the Pinto.”