If 2006 Good for Dems, 2008 May Be Better

The 2008 election year may be a very good year for Colorado Democratic Party and its candidates. In a recent US News and World Report article, Democratic National Committee chairman, Howard Dean said that the DNC will target Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada as a unit in the 2008 presidential race. With a combined total of 29 electoral votes, those four states would make it unnecessary for the Democrats to win Florida, with 27 electoral votes, according to Dean.When a state is targeted, as Colorado Democrats were for a time in the John Kerry 2004 race, many more political resources come into play and even trickle down to a local level. In 2008, Colorado will have seven Congressional races and a US Senate contest. Because of term limits, there will be many important state representative and senate races in open seat districts.

With a new census count in 2010 and a probable redrawing of state and congressional district lines by the 2012 elections, the legislative winners in the 2008 elections could determine who has the political dominance going into the next decade.

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