Republican Committee Hiding Under Rock

Several weeks ago, Colorado Confidential reported about the Colorado Republican Committee’s difficulty in keeping track of its money.

From one reporting period to the next, thousands of dollars were appearing and disappearing from its coffers, according to reports filed with the Secretary of State. Well, it looks like the committee has found a way to make sure that doesn’t happen again – it’s just stopped reporting. As of today, the committee’s last report of contributions and expenditures is two weeks late, and a new report is due today. Ironically, Secretary of State Gigi Dennis defended her much-criticized emergency rules today on KGNU by insisting that voters want transparency about political donors, and she was just trying to help that along.

That sounds nice. Transparency in political finance is surely a good thing. But, let’s recap: It’s three weeks before the election, and we don’t know how one of the state’s major party committees has been getting or spending its money for the past five weeks.