‘The President Intervened Personally With Mr. Hefley’

Even the Wall Street Journal‘s interest has been piqued by Colorado’s autumn landscape, reporting that “even amid the Rocky Mountains, it is hard to paint Colorado as a pretty picture for Republicans this fall…”

But before we crunch through the leaves poetically licensed by the Journal, let’s kick around the various polls from Colorado’s 5th Congressional District race – which have become as increasingly unpredictable as the weather forecast.

And then let’s consider the ramifications that the President himself has apparently weighed in on, with what retiring Rep. Joel Hefley describes, with some wonderment, as “a little race in the West.”
  On Oct. 16, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Lamborn’s campaign manager, Jon Hotaling, claimed a recent poll by the national Club for Growth, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Republican during the primary, showed Lamborn with a 49 percent lead over Fawcett’s 32 percent favorable rating. Another 19 percent were undecided. Also this week the Club for Growth placed Lamborn at the top of its candidates’ list seeking additional contributions from like-minded supporters from around the country.

And on Thursday, Denver’s Channel 9 NEWS, in conjunction with SurveyUSA, released a poll showing Lamborn with 51 percent support, with Fawcett trailing at 38 percent, and 12 percent undecided.

That is a stark contrast with a Denver Post poll of two weeks ago that reported Lamborn and Fawcett running dead even, each showing 37 percent support, with 26 percent undecided. A month ago, the Fawcett campaign released an internal poll that showed the Democrat with 41 percent, compared with 28 percent for Lamborn and 28 percent undecided.

Both campaigns have rejected those polls where their candidate came up holding the short end –

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