UPDATED Informant in “Beauprez-Gate” Identified

UPDATED: The person who allegedly accessed the National Crime Information Center data base for confidential information used in a Republican Bob Beauprez campaign ad, has been identified by Colorado Bureau of Investigation, according a story in Friday’s Denver Post.Since any user of the data base must sign in, the CBI was able to ascertain who retrieved the information, where the access occurred at exactly what time. The person targeted in the investigation is Cory Voorhis, a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, according to the Denver Post. Vooris is a registered Republican.

Despite claims by Beauprez that nothing wrong was done by using the federal criminal database for advertising purposes, anyone convicted of providing that information to the campaign could face criminal charges and up to a year in prison.

The CBI had requested assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation because information from NCIC files is federally regulated.

In a prepared statement, gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter said Beauprez should put a quick end to allegations that his campaign broke the law. “He should immediately disclose to the voters how he obtained confidential criminal-justice records,” Ritter said.

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