Hush, Hush and On the QT: Part I: When Sex is Good in a Sheriff

    Here’s a short collection of “on the street” political tid-bits from the Western Slope that are about as informational as the current 4th and 7th campaign ads. (Rated PG-18.)“This is a lot less violent than most things you see on TV today.”

    How hard is it for an art film actor/director to become a rising star in Aspen politics? Rick Magnuson, who had a one-handed acting role in his film called “Hole,” is challenging 20 year veteran, Bob Braudis for sheriff in Pitkin County. Unlike his opponent, Magunson claims he will not to be soft on drugs.

    Magnuson filmed a “masturbation documentary,” as described by the Aspen Daily News (registration required,) that symbolizes the release of Magnuson’s frustrations from a rocky relationship.

    Braudis admitted he has viewed the short film on Aspen’s Grassroots TV, but had “no comment.”

    Magnuson probably knows a lot about traffic control as well. His previous film called “Swim” was about driving 1,000 times around one of Aspen’s roundabouts with the camera focused on a pair of goldfish in a bowl on Magnuson’s dashboard. 

    Aspenites have commented positively on Magnuson’s growing artistic qualities, but Brandis is still favored to win.

    “Really, I just look guilty….”

    How deep will the Federal Bureau of Investigation dig into Beauprez-Gate? That’s a question that has some young Beauprez field workers paranoid, according to a friend of one of the Beauprez volunteers. “Like, what college student wants to face a FBI agent and have to answer a bunch of questions?” he said.

    Josh Penry’s no John Elway

    Republican Senate District 7 candidate, Josh Penry, signed a letter of commitment last month at Club 20 that he will serve all four years of his term should he be elected. “Yeah, right,” said a Grand Junction politico sarcastically. “John Salazar should plan on facing Penry in 2008 for the 3rd CD.”

    Penry, a politically ambitious former quarterback at Mesa State, has had it easy in Mesa County because of the Republican registration numbers, the political activist claimed, “but Penry doesn’t have any experience campaigning outside this comfort zone,” he noted. “Penry’s sure going to get a reality check trying to tackle a very seasoned John Salazar.”

    Mark Udall, where are you?

    Looking at 2008, some Western Slope Democrats are concerned about Congressman Mark Udall’s quest to run for US Senator. Republican challengers could include incumbent Wayne Allard or Governor Bill Owens. “In any case,” said a Democrat in Rio Blanco County, “Udall should have been out West here giving face-time for Democratic fundraisers or local campaigns,” she opinioned. “Udall’s not going to escape that “Boulder” image by staying in Boulder this election season and that’s could ‘kill’ him on the Western Slope come 2008.”

    Watch for Part II