Yet Another Snag in GOP Committee Financial Reports

A technical problem is preventing financial reports from two GOP political committees from being available online, says a rep from the Secretary of State’s office. Out of the more than 700 active political committees currently registered, the office is having trouble posting reports from only the Colorado Republican Committee and the Colorado Republican PAC. The SOS office said both committees have been filing on time. As of Thursday, a day after the last due date, one CRP and two CRC reports were missing from the SOS Web site. The IT department was “working on it.” As of today, the latest reports from both committees are listed, but the previous report from the CRC is still unavailable. Colorado Confidential has repeatedly reported on problems with both committees’ financial reports. The latest fiasco involves a $40,000 discrepancy between what the CRC says it gave the Beauprez campaign and what the Beauprez campaign says it received. The committee is by far the biggest Beauprez donor, and two weeks of its financial activity are still unavailable electronically. And we’re not talking pennies here. The last CRC report listed $90,000 in contributions and and $70,000 in expeditures.

Let’s take a look at the Colorado Republican Committee reporting problems Colorado Confidential has chronicled:

1. The committee mysteriously loses and gains thousands of dollars between reporting periods. The Secretary of State’s office said there is no legitimate explanation for this.

2. The committee reported giving $60,000 to Bob Beauprez’s campaign. His campaign reported receiving $100,000. Who’s confused?

3. Two recent weeks’ worth of financial data are not available on the Secretary of State’s Web site. Does the report contain more errors?