CD-4 Debate: Night of a Thousand Riffs (with poll)

Who knew the “debate” (more like a public Q&A, actually) in Windsor last evening that featured the three candidates vying for the Fourth Congressional District seat would become a one-liner slam jam?Some of the best lines of the night:

On the War on Terror:
“The war has not gone as well as we had hoped.” – Marilyn Musgrave

On gay marriage
“Marriage is not a threat to marriage.” – Angie Paccione

On healthcare
“I thought we were going to talk about Social Security?” – Marilyn Musgrave

“Marilyn, I don’t think you would know what socialized medicine was if it slapped you in the face.” – Eric Eidsness

On water policy
Criticizing Musgrave for signing a letter to the Speaker of the House for a water relief bill, “I’ve written letters to Santa Claus and I got the same response.” – Angie Paccione

“I understand irrigated agriculture at the molecular level.” – Eric Eidsness

On privacy
“I will lock and load to fight a federal government who will interfere with private family decisions.” – Eric Eidsness

Making the case to voters
“Give me a shot. What have you got to lose?” – Angie Paccione

“I didn’t get into this race to be a potted plant.” – Eric Eidsness

“I’m beginning to see both of my opponents in the rearview mirror of my Harley Davidson.” – Eric Eidsness

On Congress
“People are roaming the halls looking for teenage boys.” – Angie Paccione

“I know that 40 square miles of unreality.” – Eric Eidsness

On an opponent
“Let me address one of the more … uh… let’s say lies that by my opponent, Marilyn Musgrave, continues to say about me…” – Angie Paccione

On the environment
“If you’ve seen some of the attack ads, you’d think that I was the Ghengis Khan of the environment.” – Eric Eidsness

On a disruption in the audience
“I love the sound of babies crying.” – Eric Eidsness