Surprise Endorsement in CD-4 Race

Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness earned the endorsement of the Fort Morgan Times on Tuesday in a stinging rebuke of hometown girl Rep. Marilyn Musgrave and Democratic challenger Angie Paccione. According to the Times:

Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness adds his own special ingredient to the mix in this campaign.

He, too, is exceptionally enthusiastic and intense. He is bright, articulate and experienced in the ways of the beltway: Washington, D.C. He served as the Environmental Protection Agency assistant administrator for water during the Reagan presidency which has given him critical insight into how things are done and how to get things done in the nation’s capital.

The paper’s quirky editor has never been a supporter of Rep. Musgrave, despite her family’s long-time residence in the small sleepy town of just over 10,000. Fort Morgan suffers the same fate of many rural communities with limited job opportunities, escalating methamphetamine use, and negative population growth.

Many residents believe that Musgrave’s support of CAFTA endangers jobs at the Western Sugar Factory, one of the area’s largest employers. All of the sugar beets grown from Greeley to the Nebraska border are processed in Fort Morgan which is the last sugar processing plant still in operation in the state. The plant dates back to 1906.

The editorial once again proves the point that one should never underestimate the importance of water politics on the eastern plains.

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