El Paso County’s Election In Progress

Click here for numbers from Denver County.

El Paso County, home to Colorado Springs, like Denver, has publicly available information on the progress of voting so far.  As of the close of business yesterday, 4,523 early votes and 20,181 absentee votes have been cast in the county.

Predictably, voters registered as Republicans dominant the ranks of those voting early or absentee in this Republican leaning county.  About 40% of votes cast in 2002, the last off year election in the county, were cast early or absentee.Those votes break down of absentee and early votes cast so far by the party affiliation of the voters is as follows:

Democrats: 5,820
Republicans 14,220
Unaffiliated Voters 4,297
Third Party Voters: 65

In 2002, the most recent off year election in El Paso County, there were 57,939 absentee ballots cast and 11,461 votes cast early at polling places.