50,000 Watts of Hate: Rant of the Day

850 KOA’s Mike Rosen and Focus on the Family are a lethal combination to truth-telling in political commentary.

Carrie Gordon Earll, the bioethics senior policy analyst from Focus On the Family, joined Rosen to discuss Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter’s stance on gay marriage. And the laugh-out loud mayhem ensued:

EARLL: Well, I’d like to add that we already know that Bill Ritter has said that if he’s elected governor and a bill comes to his desk to redefine marriage and [Amendment] 43 doesn’t pass, that he’d sign it. So most certainly, you have members of the state legislature, many of whom put forth Referendum I, who would want to redefine marriage and look at that. When it comes to Tim Gill, one of his lieutenants, Rodger McFarland, was quoted earlier this year in an article called “Marital Bliss” as saying absolutely, quote marriage equality — same-sex marriage — is what they’re working for. There’s no question that the Gill campaign is going to do that.

ROSEN: All right, so if Bill Ritter is on record, should he be elected governor, with a Democrat majority, I should note, in both houses of the state legislature —

EARLL: This is a simple codification of the current statute, 20 words — marriage shall be between a man and a woman. And the only reason you would vote against it would be if, like we’ve just heard from candidate Ritter, you want to consider gay marriage, you want to have that legal. Increasingly in this country there are people who think that they have a right to redefine marriage, and that may not be at our footstep tomorrow in Colorado, but it’s certainly coming. It’s coming through the Gill Foundation and people who’ve made statements that they will not stop until they have gay marriage. And this state is ground zero for the Gill Foundation.

According to Colorado Media Matters, Rosen and Earll based their premise on an inaccurate September 3 story that appeared in the Denver Post not from an official campaign statement by Ritter. They also ignored a clarifying story in the Post published in the same edition that completely refuted their incorrect statements.

I’m still puzzled why a tax-exempt church has a legislative policy analyst?. And while we’re at it, remind me again how this issue relates to bioethics – is Focus acknowledging that there is a biological component to homosexuality?