Sportsman No Guiding Light in Beauprez Campaign

One of the sportsmen who helped gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez, develop his contentious “training elk” initiative that proposed shifting elk migration around oil and gas development, has a track record of another kind.Grand Junction sportsman activist, Denny Behrens pled guilty in a 1985 federal court in Monte Vista for violations that included destruction of governmental property, breaching the terms of his outfitting permit and two counts of driving on closed roads. For his infringements, a federal magistrate judge fined Behrens $500 and revoked his guide permit on national forest land, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Behrens is also starring in an “All Children Matter” Virginia-based 527 political organization TV commercial that attacks Democratic House District 55 incumbent Bernie Buescher’s record. Buescher’s opponent, Bob Caskey, is a former Colorado Division of Wildlife officer who once policed outfitter conduct.