Christian Home-Schoolers vs. Gay Youth Posse

James Dobson, have no fear! Ed Perlmutter’s posse of gay youth will soon meet its match on the streets of CD-7. Who, you ask, will counter the posse’s radical homosexual message? Why, Rick O’Donnell’s gang of home-schooled Christian teenagers of course!

On Friday, members of Generation Joshua, an off-shoot of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), will descend upon Colorado to campaign until election day for Rick O’Donnell and Marilyn Musgrave.

According to the program:

Election Day is one week away and Generation Joshua Student Action Teams are prepared to elect pro-life and pro-homeschooling candidates.  Our efforts could make the difference on Election Day and help shape the future of this country. Over 1,000 GenJ members will be in the field, divided into 12 teams ranging from 50 to over 100. This type of focused effort has been proven time and time again to tip the scales in close elections.

The Bible-totin’ teens will be flown to Denver, free of charge, and put up in a Fort Collins hotel by the HSLDA PAC, the political arm of the organization.  But even though these home-schoolers will be let out of the house, this is no field trip. According to a sample schedule, teens will spend 12-hour days walking precincts, waving signs and making phone calls. And although airfare and accomodations will be taken care of by the HSLDA PAC, the campaigns will provide meals.

While working hard to elect pro-homeschool candidates, participants have to follow an honor code, which requires pledging such things as “I will honor and obey all divinely appointed authorities,” and “I will not pursue a romantic relationship while working during the week of SAT (student action teams).”

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