50,000 Watts of Hate: Rant of the Day

Just when I was losing faith in Newsradio KOA’s “Gunny Bob” Newman in uttering the most profane, intellectually-stunted, and ludicrous statement made on Colorado talk radio, he comes through in spades.

During the October 30 broadcast, we get this gem:

NEWMAN: Many of those who have closely studied Nancy Pelosi believe she will attempt to arrange the following things, or get the following things done: Remove all forces from Iraq, via an immediate retreat and surrender to Al Qaeda in Iraq. Reduce spending for the military and intelligence services. Increase spending on social-engineering programs; you can pretty much count on that. Legalize gay marriage and polygamy. Award amnesty to illegal aliens. Make illegal aliens eligible for federal tuition assistance. Make illegal aliens eligible for Social Security. Make illegal aliens eligible for federal welfare programs. Substantially reduce funds for border security. Repeal the Patriot Act. Substantially reduce aid and assistance to Israel. Terminate most surveillance of suspected terrorists. Work toward a massive tax increase to pay for liberal entitlement programs. Attempt to dramatically restrict Second Amendment rights. Deny parents the right to be informed of, and make decisions on, their juvenile daughters’ medical health by authorizing juveniles to get secret abortions without parental notification or approval. Attack First Amendment rights of great importance, especially to Christians. Cut off nearly all funds for the war on drugs. Negotiate with terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

That’s just for starters what Nancy Pelosi wants to do. However, her goals and those of her fellow radicals will likely be prevented until at least January 2009 — but you never know. When George Bush leaves office and the next president comes in. And by the way, if that’s Hillary, and if the extremist liberals seize control of the House and Senate between now and then, we could easily see the vast majority and possibly all of these goals come to pass.

Just why are these tough guys afraid of a tiny, 66-year-old grandmother?

h/t Colorado Media Matters