House Races To Watch

Mile High Delphi, a bipartisan group political blog, is the only place that publicly ranks state house seat races.  By their count, there are 12 tossup races, 8 races leaning Democratic, 15 races leaning Republican, 20 safe seats for Democrats, and 10 safe seats for Republicans. 

Assuming that any lean Democrat races going to Republicans are offset by lean Republican races going to Democrats, the Democrats need to win five of the twelve tossup races to keep control of the state house.

Their toss up calls (with incumbents marked with a *) appear below.HD-17: Mark Cloer* (R) vs. Christine Varney (D)
HD-23: Ramey Johnson (R) vs. Gwen Green* (D)
HD-26: Andy Kerr* (D) vs. Glenn Rhoades (R)
HD-27: Bill Crane* (R) vs. Sara Gagliardi (D)
HD-29: Debbie Benefield* (D) vs. Affie Ellis (R)
HD-33: Bill Berens* (R) vs. Dianne Primavera (D)
HD-50: Dave Owen (R) vs. James Reisberg* (D)
HD-52: John Kefalas (D) vs. Bob McCluskey* (R)
HD-53: Randy Fischer (D) vs. Anne Yeldell (R)
HD-55: Bernie Buescher* (D) vs. Bob Caskey (R)
HD-56: Ken Chlouber (R) vs. Dan Gibbs (D)
HD-59: Joe Colgan (D) vs Ellen Roberts (R)

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