If Newspapers Could Vote

While on some issues newspaper endorsements are divided, on a wide variety of ballot measures, the editorial boards of the state, which represent informed opinion, at least when there is a consensus, are clear.

Universally favored are:

Referendum G (Obsolete Provisions) and Referendum I (Domestic Partnerships).

Universally opposed are:

Referendum J (65% On Instruction Lite), Amendment 38 (Petitions), Amendment 39 (65% On Instruction), and Amendment 40 (Judicial Term Limits).

It is not at all clear that the voters will follows this advice.  After all, many don’t even take newspapers at all and rely solely on TV news and advertisements to vote.  Referendum I is trailing in the polls. Amendment 39 is leading in the polls, and while no polls are out there, Referendum J is likely to pass as well.