50,000 Watts of Hate: Rant of the Day

Today’s entry for the most profane, intellectually-stunted, and ludicrous statement made on Colorado talk radio comes from KHOW 630-AM’s gabber Dan Caplis and it’s a real humdinger.

Here’s Caplis on his October 31 show discussing a poorly-worded remark made by Sen. John Kerry that mentions the disproportionate burden of lower income young people in the ranks of ground troops stop-lossed in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Well, and he [Kerry] certainly is a leader of the Democratic Party, and I appreciate your comments on that, but because he’s a leader of the Democratic Party — heck, he was their last presidential nominee — what he said about our troops now, I think, is going to prove decisive in this election. I think he has become the Democrats’ Mark Foley times 1,000 because now this goes beyond, hey, whether some guy’s a pervert who assaults little boys. This goes to, hey, what does the leader of the Democratic Party — or a top leader of the Democratic Party — really think of our troops, and does he really want us to win in Iraq? Because nobody could say the things, in my view, that he said about our troops and at the same time really want us to win in Iraq. So I think this is seismic.

So, let’s compare: a botched statement by arguably one of the nation’s most inarticulate politicians versus a sexual predator who roamed the halls of Congress in search of teenage boys?

Dan. Poor, poor simple Dan.

In fact, this stupidity has single-handedly moved Colorado Confidential to establish a “Rant of the Year” award at year’s end.

Dan, check that mailbox on December 31.

h/t Colorado Media Matters.

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