CD-4 Voters to Bush: Sorry, We’re Busy

President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will make a last minute campaign swing through Greeley on Saturday to stump for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave and gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez — who true to his “Both Ways Bob” moniker was noncommittal about attending the event.

At a chilly morning party in the parking lot of the Oasis Center on Thursday, district-wide GOP candidates were joined by Gov. Bill Owens to rally the Republican faithful while they picked up their presidential speech tickets. The event was typical of the late campaign season — a bizarre combination of political circus with piped in big band music, Wayne Allard’s lucky tie, and a llama.As of Friday evening, the Weld County Republican Party confirmed that 6,000 tickets have been distributed for the program at the Island Grove Event Center.

That’s 37 percent less than his first visit to Greeley in 2004. Then, President Bush also made an 11th hour campaign stop at the same location to support Rep. Musgrave who was locked in a tight battle with Democrat Stan Matsunaka. News reports following that appearance estimated that 8,200 supporters packed the venue.

The Greeley Tribune reported this morning that 550 tickets were still available

At 5 p.m., the Weld GOP could not estimate how many tickets remained. But unless you are a registered  Republican, you will not be able to attend the event at the joint city- and county-owned public park that will guarded by local taxpayer-supported law enforcement according to this sign at the Oasis Center:

Image from The Greeley Tribune

Colorado Confidential will send dispatches from the scene of the president’s visit and the expected protests.

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