On the Record: Pastor Ted and Homosexuality

Pastor Ted on a gay pride parade: “I don’t understand it. It would be like having a murderer’s pride day.” – New Republic July 8, 1996

“He [Haggard] staked out gay bars, inviting men to come to his church.” – Harper’s May, 2005.

“During services at the New Life church, which has 3,300 members and is not affiliated with a denomination, Pastor Ted Haggard warns against the evils of homosexuality and adultery. His followers respond with exuberant clapping and shouts of ‘Amen!’ and ‘That’s right!'” – New York Times Feb. 14, 1993

Pastor Ted “was a leader in the fight for Amendment 2.” – New York Times May 28, 1996

“People know that a homosexual couple or people of different ethnic backgrounds can go to an evangelical church and receive ministry and help.” –Kansas City Star December 2, 2004
More interesting comments on the flip side … Pastor Ted on honesty:

“Listen, I think [we Christian believers] are responsible no to lie, but I don’t think we’re responsible to say everything we know.” – Harper’s May, 2005.


Pastor Ted on sex and alcohol:

“When the Lord touched me, my life changed. I was a high school kid, sexually active with my girlfriend, drunk every weekend. And then I went to a stadium, and I heard a guy explain to me that I could be born again. And the spirit of the Lord touched me that night. And when I went back, I told my girlfriend, ‘I want to be your friend but we can’t be sexually active anymore.’ I was a 16-year-old boy. And from that moment until this moment, if I even smell alcohol, I throw up.” – ABC NEWS special on the afterlife with Barbara Walters, 2005

Journalist’s impression of Pastor Ted:

“There I am met by Frank Whitworth, the head of the local gay activist organization Ground Zero and this year’s parade marshal. He is nearly twenty years older than Pastor Ted and about twenty degrees rounder. If the two men were placed side by side, nine out of ten objective observers would say Pastor Ted was the gay activist and Whitworth the evangelical pastor.” – New Republic July 8, 1996

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