New Poll Show Statewide Races Still Close

It is hard to believe that 20% of the voters could be undecided about anything a week before Election Day with a couple of million dollars worth of advertising on TV, but that’s what a recent Rocky Mountain News/Channel 4 Poll (completed Oct. 28) indicated for the statewide races of treasurer, secretary of state and attorney general. The poll also had the three races very close: Democratic treasurer candidate, Cary Kennedy leads Republican Mark Hillman by nine points; Republican candidate, John Suthers leads his Democratic challenger for attorney general, Fern O’Brien by six points; and only three points separate Republican Mike Coffman versus Democrat Ken Gordon in the secretary of state campaign.

Woe to the registered voter who didn’t take advantage of voting early. Your name is probably on every political calling list across the state. With this poll demonstrating that 20% of the voters could be still undecided, you will get no peace until 7 pm Election Day.

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