Judges Threaten Days of Week

The online news site New West has a great story today about a robocall from former Sen. John Andrews about why Amendment 40 (term limits for judges) is an important ballot measure:

Yesterday, I received a startling pre-recorded election message on the phone: “Hi, this is John Andrews, calling as a former senator and a new grandfather. To protect our families and our freedoms we need to pass term limits for judges, Amendment 40. I hesitated to call you on Sunday, but activist judges will take away Sunday and all our traditions if we the people don’t stop them. Don’t let New Jersey happen here.” That’s right: Judges apparently now have the power to eliminate days of the week. If Sunday is taken from us, what’s next: Thursday? If the judges are going to take a day from us, why can’t it be Monday?

My wife received the same call at our house yesterday, and she was equally confused.

“Who was that?” I asked after she hung up the phone.

“It was one of those robo-calls for Amendment 40,” she replied. “It was…Senator John Andrews?”

“What did he say”

“He said that if Amendment 40 doesn’t pass, then judges would ban Sundays,” she shrugged. “At least I think that’s what he said.”

Amendment 40 is trailing in the polls and has been opposed by every major newspaper in the state, so perhaps using a robo-call to threaten a total ban of Sundays will be an effective last-minute campaign technique.


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