CO-7 and Jefferson County

They have some strange music playing in here. R.E.M.? That “Man on the Moon” song. Strange. Overall, the crowd here is thrilled, but not necessarily surprised. Everyone takes a big group picture and the crowd begins to disperse. There are a lot of younger people. And a few that seem to have been drinking for awhile. Everyone else is gathering around the TV’s for state and national election info. 

Perlmutter just gave his acceptance speech, and the crowd is wound up. This is a lot more exciting than the last party – plus it doesn’t smell like chlorine.

While State House District 27 candidate Sara Gagliardi  watches the close results of her race, state Senate candidate Betty Boyd is already giving an acceptance speech here at Jeffco Dems. I caught Gagliardi in her crowded and tense hospitality suite, where her campaign was glued to the TV. Gagliardi says she feels positive about her slight lead over opponent Bill Crane, and she thinks her numbers will go up. The party’s winding down, and there’s only potato chip crumbs left. Off to Perlmutter!9:22
General consensus here at Jeffco is that female voters are giving an edge to female candidates. Denis Bordeau, campaign manager for the Dem treasurer hopeful, says female candidates from both parties are getting that boost. His wife Ilene agrees.

“That’s part of our loyalty,” she says.

Bordeau’s candidate, Bob Moser, is currently getting edged out by Republican Fay Griffin. The Bordeaus say other female candidates, such as Gwen Green in State House District 23 and coroner candidate Katherin Loughrey-Stem, are feeling the love of female voters.

There are lots of smiles on Jeffco Dems so far tonight, although most admit it’s too early to say much for sure. There’s a crowded banquet hall with a bar and a big table of sandwiches and cheese, but much more interesting are the hospitality suites overlooking the indoor pool here at the Holiday Inn Denver West. Jeffco candidates, including Andy Karr, Sara Gagliardi, Betty Boyd and Gwen Green each have their own suite. Each room has a big picture window offering a view of beds and tables strewn with junk food wrappers and beer cans. It looks like a suburban spring break in here, and it smells like one, too.

Kerri Rebresh will be checking on the CO-7 race between Democrat Ed Perlmutter and Republican Rick O’Donnell. Kerri will also check in on the Jefferson County Democrats as they gather to watch results from a number of high-profile races.