Democrats and Other Issues

10:20PM — It’s chaos at the Hyatt. Pat Waak just announced that the Democrats kept control of both the state house and senate.

Bob Beauprez’s concession speech played on the big screen — interrupted by a group sing-a-long of “Nah. Nah. Nah. Hey. Hey Hey. Goodbye.”

Poor Both-Ways. He just can’t get no respect at all.

10:07PM — The happy bug has hit the 500 people in the Hyatt ballroom. So happy, that the ladies in hats — the 80-year-old party stallwarts — are jumping up and down when the Musgrave-Paccione results scrolled across the screen.
Ritter’s acceptance speech is expected momentarily.

9:15PM: Ritter is taking congratulations, accepting phone calls and shaking hands in an upper suite at the Hyatt. “We’re not there yet,” he smiles. But the writing is on the wall.

8:45PM: A jubilant Bill Ritter is roaming the halls near his hotel suite as word comes that the Rocky Mountain News is calling the race. Bill Ritter – Governor.

8:40 PM — The Hyatt party roared with approval when the CO-5 Fawcett/Lamborn results scrolled across the screen. Poor Bill Ritter still can’t catch a break with the new party faithful. The crowd wasn’t quite so cheerful when the latest results showed that Ritter is all but a shoe-in as Colorado’s next governor. 

Pat Waak made a brief speech remarking that people were still in line attempting to cast their votes. She boasted, “Isn’t it good to see us on track to winning the House of Representatives?”

8:15 PM — Sean Duffy and the 30 campaign volunteers are in for a long night at the Ref I party. He said that they just weren’t sure how the polling problems would affect them.

7:55 PM — There are a couple hundred people crowded into the Hyatt. It’s pretty subdued with folks watching CNN election returns intently. Erin Rosa and Jason Bane will be downtown at the Hyatt Regency, the site of the big Democratic gathering.

6:06 p.m.: Volunteers are busy entertaining people in line at the polls by providing refreshments and keeping them entertained. The Gay Men’s Chorus is performing for people in line at the Botanic Gardens.

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