Don’t Touch That Mouse!

Make Colorado Confidential your homepage today for Election Day news and results. We’ll be fanning out around the state to provide firsthand reports from campaign gatherings.

Click below to see where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing…

  • Andrew Oh-Willeke will be tracking election results and updating the senate and house control numbers.
  • Wendy Norris will be in Larimer County and will check in on the campaign of Democrat Angie Paccione (CO-4).
  • Erin Rosa will be following Election Day problems and will keep track of the campaigns for Referendum I, Amendment 43 and other Democrats at their gathering downtown.
  • Kerri Rebresh will check in with Ed Perlmutter and Rick O’Donnell in the race for CO-7 and will also check up on the gathering of Jefferson County Democrats – where a half-dozen targeted races will be decided.
  • Cara DeGette will follow the action from Colorado Springs and will visit the gatherings for both Jay Fawcett and Doug Lamborn.
  • Leslie Robinson will be in Grand Junction keeping an eye on HD-55 and the general mood of the Western Slope.
  • John Erhardt will be in the Denver Tech Center hanging out with the Republicans.

  • Jason Bane will be at the Hyatt downtown as Democrats gather on Election Night.

    Don’t touch that mouse tonight – keep it locked in on Colorado Confidential.

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