Fawcett Receives Death Threat, Office Vandalized

UPDATED 1:27 PM MST: Jay Fawcett said that the death threat was very direct and was immediately turned over to the Colorado Springs police for investigation. The previous two death threats received by the campaign were in the form of a rambling, incoherent rants by the same person who earlier aggressively confronted a campaign volunteer at an event.

The new emailed threat is from a different individual. Fawcett declined to provide specifics about the nature of the new threat while it is under investigation.

On the office vandalism, Fawcett said “Don’t let these hooligans deter you from exercising your Constitutional right to vote. It’s time to take a stand against these attacks.”

Original post: From a statement released by Wanda James for the Fawcett for Congress campaign:

Last night Jay received a death threat and our office was vandalized. Both incidents have been reported to the police. 

The vandalizing is the second time we have been under the “Skunk” Attack!  Last Tuesday our Finance Director’s car was covered in the skunk smell, while parked out front of the El Paso County Republican Office.

This morning our office was covered in the “Skunk” aroma.  While this may sound funny — we are expecting 200 people to come through today to help with GOTV and Poll Watching.  It makes it very difficult to work with gas mask on!  However, we are democrats and we are working through it and getting the office cleaned up.  We will be in fighting mode all day, please come volunteer and show the Republicans that their childish and illegal activities will not get them a seat in Congress!

More information to come.

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