Twas the Day of the Election Open Thread

    Vote, Drink & Be Merry!

    Predictions–and why/how? Got any good 2006 election stories to tell around the campfire? What did the media and political blogs hit or miss? Got any good 2008 candidate gossip? C’mon, political junkies, here’s your chance to unburden or lighten up until the election returns start coming in….Twas the Day of Election and all through the House,
    The incumbents were hoping “Voters didn’t think me a louse.”
    Their signs were all out and staked in yards with care,
    So people would remember to vote for them in pairs.

    Up in the Senate, the candidates were shaking their heads:
    “Were there calls to make, something more I should’ve said?”
    With campaign workers tired and volunteers nearly sapped,
    No one would get rest when there was one more voter to tap!

    The state candidates have talked once again to the press
    To say if not elected, the state would be such a mess.
    They call on their supporters to get out the vote,
    And to the reporters, they delivered one last good quote.

    Out in the county, the local candidates had scattered
    All their brochures and flyers that had mattered
    To denounce their opponent, so they would crash
    And give this county incumbent just one more chance.

    Yo, campaign worker, volunteer, neighbor and wife!
    Go out and politic as if it meant your life.
    Help elect your candidate, rally at every corner!
    Because if he doesn’t win, you’ll be the mourner.

    Twas the Day of the Election, which gave voters some hope
    That if they got to the polls, they knew they could cope
    With the last hours of bad ads and political hate,
    In return, they’d have some peace until 2008.

    Your turn!

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