Who says Republicans don’t know how to party?

now uploading pictures – see below with color commentarty

When asking CU pharmacy student Michael about the fracturing of the CO GOP, he instead wanted to talk about how the far-left leaning leadership of the DNC is a problem for Democrats.

In asking about how Denver’s voting problems might affect the outcome of statewide races Isaac who volunteered for Mike Coffman’s SoS campaign brought up that there were also voting problems in Douglas county and other long time Republican strongholds.

A few returns just flashed on the screen with around 1% reporting.  While there was a modicum of cheering seeing that Amendment 43 was up, there was no acknowledgment that the No’s on Ref I are ahead so far.

The mood is generally pretty quiet with light conversation and no lines at the two bars setup by the hotel. 

Have just arrived at the DTC Marriot.  Macy Grey is being piped in, now switching to an inspirational sounding country song.  While this is the headquarters for the Colorado Republican party’s party, somehow the room seems small even for being inside the borders of Denver – the town Gov. Owens dislikes.  Media personnel take up two rows of tables spanning the width of the room, plus a platform for cameras and local talking heads.
Yes, the room looks quite empty.  The media on hand also took up nearly half the room.

Fox news on the big screen