Perlmutter Looks Ahead

Ed Perlmutter was all smiles the morning after clobbering Rick O’Donnell by 12 points at the polls. He discussed his successful campaign and his plans for his future in Congress during a taping of the Aaron Harber Show this morning at Channel 12. (Although Harber scored a morning-after interview with Perlmutter, it won’t be aired until Nov. 17.)

“My job as a freshman congressman is to put together the best office that I can that’s responsive to people in the district,” Perlmutter said. The congressman-elect said one of his top priorities in Washington will be renewable energy – not surprising since Golden’s National Renewable Energy Lab is in his district.

“That’s a place where America needs to really shine,” he said. “And not allow the technology that we develop there to go to Germany or China.”

Perlmutter said he will aim high for congressional committee assignments, namely the highly coveted Appropriations and Ways and Means committees. But, he said, he’s also very interested in Energy and Commerce and Transportation.

Perlmutter attributed his success to a consistent and hard-working campaign staff.

“We did a good job in every phase of the game,” he said. “Not perfect, but a good job.”

Perlmutter also said his tough primary against Peggy Lamm turned out to be a positive experience.

“I was a much better candidate having gone throught that primary,” he said.