Denver 1A Passage Likely

Unless the last 7,000 or so votes left to be counted in Denver differ greatly from those already counted, Denver’s Referendum 1A which increases sales taxes by 0.0012% to pay for pre-school assistance will to pass.As of this posting, 1A is ahead 73,498 to 71,944, having won 50.53% of the votes cast on the measure.  This lead of 1,554 votes is a thin one, but the remaining 7,000 or so votes to be counted would have to oppose the measure by a 61-39 percentage point margin for 1A to fail.  Given that the break down of votes has been very close to 50-50 for the first 95% of votes counted, this is unlikely.  There is no reason to think that the last few ballots will have results dramatically different from those already counted on this issue.

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