C.U. Regents Race Flipping For Ludwig

On election night, it looked like Republican Brian Davidson, would win the C.U. Regents at Large race.  But, now, Democrat Stephen Ludwig has taken the lead in the unofficial vote count, as votes in Democratic strongholds, like Denver, have finally been counted.  Since it seems that more votes are uncounted in Democratic party strongholds than in Republican ones, this gives him a real chance of winning the race.

If Ludwig does win the race, it is likely that none of the problems with the Denver voting system changed the outcome of any race this year, even if ten thousand or more voters ended up being discouraged and not voting.Square State blogger Peterco has complied unofficial numbers showing Ludwig  with 620733 votes leading Davidson with 615957.  Stephen Ludwig, when queried about the development declined to claim victory, noting that the unofficial counts would give a better picture today, but agreed that his tabulations of the unofficial numbers also show him in the lead.