50,000 Watts of Hate: Rant of the Day

I never thought the day would come when I would look to Ronald Reagan – who frequently invoked the image of the Cadillac-sportin’ black welfare queen for his own political gain – for inspiration on addressing racism but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

In this installment of the most profane, intellectually-stunted, and ludicrous statement made on Colorado talk radio today, 630 KHOW-AM talker Peter Boyles should take Reagan’s words to heart:

“There is no room for racism, anti-Semitism, or other forms of ethnic and racial hatred in this country” – Ronald Reagan. On the November 15 show, Boyles and frequent guest and gasbag Terry Anderson of KRLA-AM talk show host ranted about Mexican immigrant Elvira Arellano who is seeking sanctuary in a Chicago-area United Methodist church to avoid deportation.

According to an AP report, Arellano’s seven-year-old son Saul, a U.S. citizen, personally appealed to the Mexican government on Tuesday which issued a resolution to Congress to hault her deportation and that of other Mexican parents of U.S. children who entered the country illegally. 

Meanwhile, Boyles and Anderson completely embarrass themselves:

ANDERSON: Explain to me. Explain to me. Now, now let me tell you something. If you and I got a parking ticket, they’re going to kick our front door down, and they’re going to drag us out of in handcuffs, with every news agency out there to photograph us. Because we’re in the media, and here’s a guy that had a parking ticket, and we’re going to put him in jail, and we want the world to know it. Now here’s a broad that’s in the media, now — she’s become a public figure, this Arellano. She’s become a public figure. She has flaunted, flaunted the law by saying, “I’m going to hole up in this church and there’s nothing you can do.” Explain to me why the people who own that church are not being tried and put in jail and tried for aiding and abetting an illegal alien in this country. It is a felony, Pete. It is a felony. We have no church sanctuary laws here. Victor Hugo wrote some in.

BOYLES: Yeah, we were talking about that. Yeah, we have an incoming governor —

ANDERSON: We don’t have them here, they got them over there in France and other places. We don’t have that here, and I haven’t said that. Haven’t said that. Why — if you’re going to attack this thing — attack the owners of the church. Arrest them. See, me? If I was the head of this thing, if I was the ICE — the ICE president, or whatever they call him, I’d drag this broad out of there by her hair. And I would put her on the six o’clock news, and I would say: Look, you don’t come to our country and tell us what you’re going to do. We’re going to tell you what you’re going to do. You’re here illegally, you gotta go. Now, you got an American-born kid, he’s recognized by the law at this point to be an American citizen — guess what? You got 10 minutes, what do you want to do with it? Are you taking him, or are you leaving him? That’s it.

BOYLES: Our guest is one of the true greats. Terry Anderson with us, radio talk show host in L.A. He’s bringing up the story of this illegal immigrant’s son, who has become a hero in Mexico as well as in the U.S. He’s a second-grader. Kid’s name is Saul Arellano. He’s, he’s an anchor baby. He pled in front yesterday of, in Mexico’s chamber of deputies — which is like the House — for help in lobbying in Washington to stop his mother from being deported.

Hmmm… Boyles and Anderson. Those are Native American names, right?

h/t Colorado Media Matters.

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