Hush, Hush and on the QT: Denver (Still) DNC Convention Favorite

    The national political columnists continue to out-speculate each other about Denver being selected as the Democratic National Convention site. As reported on Colorado Confidential a couple of days ago, it was national columnist George Will who said Denver had been chosen.

    But wait, there’s more! From the “Living Politics” column by Howard Fineman of Newsweek:

    The westward trend is clear. For the first time, leaders of the House and Senate are from the Far West. Democrats put Nevada in a crucial early spot in the presidential-selection process, and will hold their convention in Denver.

    Daily Kos spoiled the mood a little when they did a follow up:

    I asked Fineman if he had official confirmation. His reply?

    “It’s a hunch”.

    So no, it’s not official. And while the smart money may be on Denver, the lack of union facilities in that city is still leading unions to try and block the city.

    by kos on Tue Nov 14, 2006 at 06:29:57 PM PST

    But who cares when there is a mention in US News and World Report by Angie Marek:

    Democrats picked up a governor’s seat in Colorado and a Senate seat in Montana, and they solidly held on to the governorship in Arizona. In the Tucson area, a seat that borders Mexico